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Lots of questions have been rolling in, sorry for not responding to things. I'm a tad overwhelmed at the moment

"When will commissions open?" Currently closed. Nothing foreseeable. I'm sorry, but I'm too far behind and always too disorganized to really say anything solid about it.

"How do I get a commission?" When I stream, which will be in journal announcements, here or on FurAffinity.

"What does it cost?" Its pay what you want these days, though my bigger poster sized high rez art is $150+, but since i'm not taking anything right now and owe people and posters and lots of things to send out and finish up it's kinda moot but not really. My price structure needs a lot of work, but my work ethic needs more work.

Let me dig out of this hole first.
Hey again.   There was enough support to actually talk about what's up and speak my mind, so I'll come out and share some things that I'm not sure if I've said before about what I do like to draw vs what I don't like, so here it is as straight forward as I can put it..

Magic – I love to draw fantasy lighting, I love drawing lighting.  It's probably one of my best qualities, it's the part of a picture I save for last because it's the most fun.

Fantasy Settings – Ancient ruins, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, anything in that flavour of subject matter will get my interest more than anything.

Nature – I like painting nature and mystical fae-like things. Fantasy things even more.

Dynamic poses - I'm a comic artist with years of experience in it, action and scene and exaggerated poses mean a lot to me. It's my meat and taters.  But more often than not, I get requests that are completely opposite that. ^_^

Action/activity/DO something – I like to draw action taking place.  Not Tab A into Slot B, C, D, or E porn, but rather something significant to a character being drawn.

Sensual/Risque – Leave something to the imagination.

EPIC scenery – Sometimes I'd rather draw something that could pass as a Magic the Gathering card.

Substance – I like to tell a story with a pic if I can. If there's no substance to a character, I fall flat on trying to depict them in the first place.

Subjects that get my attention: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Transformers, the overall look of certain anime, the 80's.

Pinups – I don't like doing pinups.  They're boring to draw unless the character themselves is interesting and creative enough.  Pinups are just a shot of a character saying “Look at me and how pretty I am.”  I find it boring..  I need action, purpose. Please, LET me tell a story with the picture.
(And please don't feel bad if you happen to have me draw a pinup before.  I never said anything.  It's okay, this is all for the future)

Character sheets – It's a pinup. Times 3...  I realize that character sheets can show different angles than the usual boring arms out pose in different angles, they can be a wonderful boon to people really wanting a character fleshed out completely, but I just don't like making character sheets.

Modern architecture – I draw the occasional macro art, and if it's got ancient ruins or something I'm all for it, but I'm finding that drawing a cityscape just doesn't hold the same magic for me as it once did. The repetitive gray blocks that are city buildings in a skyline just gets old quick.

Guns – I hate drawing “real” guns.  I hate it so much..  Hardcore fans of guns have far too high of a geek factor to let details slide and I've heard it all.  I've had friends get reamed by gun geeks and I've been verbally beat down by them myself.  I grew up around guns, I own guns. I care not for drawing them for fear of hearing folks complain about leaving off a minor detail or start a debate in the comments over it all.

Porn for the sake of porn-   I have to level with you, I'm tired of drawing adult art unless it's my own.  I figure a few people are going to have issue with this so it's going to have a little more explanation.  Thing is, I'm not sure if this comes as a shock to anybody, but before I got into the furry fandom I actually I'm just not that into it as others are.  I even railed against it and started sounding like a “burned fur” before my time but I lightened up  I just had to make ends meet and had fun with drawing it as best I could (and even lost friends in the process), but after this recharge from everything I'm realizing how much it weighs on me to draw it when I really, really don't want to.

Now it's silly to say I'm just going to stop drawing it entirely. Every now and then, once in a blue moon I'll make an attempt at drawing something adult, but unless I specify I'm doing that kind of content I'm just done with drawing it, particularly for commissions.  90% of any of the fetishy stuff I've drawn for commissions has never been in my interests.  Don't get me wrong, I've had fun drawing what I drew as best I could. “Sex sells” after all.  But I came to this conclusion after folks started telling me to draw for me.  It's not up for a debate either, I'm just generally done with it.

Existing pictures that I owe and still agreed to adult art I can try to work with, though you'd get the best out of my art if you went along with my strengths and not my weaknesses.  There are more, but they're tiny details, the occasional irk to my routine.

Thanks for listening.
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