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s1e6 Trixie by Noben
s1e6 Trixie
Poor Trixie.  Even though she was indeed quite the boaster and needed to calm down, I still felt sorry for her both before and after the episode.

She left the town shortly after her vanishing trick, but didn't make it over the hill outside of town before tears were streaming down her cheeks. Trixie slowed to a trot before leaning against a tree, sobbing.  The Ursa Major.. Minor.. was scary, but the embarrassment for being shown up by Twilight?  Terrifying..  She held back her anger and faced that tiny country town once again..  Earlier that day she entered that town thinking she was the best magic user in all of Equestria (Princesses excluded of course), and so far not a single town in her trek had proved her wrong.  She had no reason to think otherwise.

Trixie crept back into town later that night and sifted thru the flattened remains of her home to take whatever she could salvage.  The only thing she found was a plan for vengeance.

Trixie, you are what happens when great talent goes unchallenged.
s1e5 by Noben
Fluttershy was determined to help that family of ducks.  Going around would have been far too much of a trip for the ducklings tiny legs, so thru the square it had to be. It was smack dab in
the middle of Ponyville, give or take, and it was already very busy. She knew it was likely for her to bump into somebody else, or for one of the little ducklings to get stepped on!  So
Fluttershy steeled herself to the crowd and courageously, with more patience than most could summon, lead the duck family across the square.

"Just keep your eyes this way, it's going to be okay.  I'll guide you thru." she said just above a whisper. It's what she would have wanted someone to say to her before wading into a sea of
colourful, crushing hooves. Fluttershy was already feeling anxious from the crowd, so helping out the ducks was working for her as much as she was helping them. The tiny fowel train weaved
around the fruit and vegetable stands and made a beeline for the other side. Fluttershy reassured them as they neared the other side of the square.  She convinced herself that if anything
happened, a well-meaning smile, an apology with soft tones and simply moving along would do the trick.  "Alright little ones, this way.. this way.. Momma Duck you're free and clear."  she
said calmly..

In her peripheral, Fluttershy saw that the ponies were clearing a way in the crowd. She smiled and continued on.  Besides, nobody is so self-centered that they can't possibly not realize that
other people are doing things, important things, besides just walking around, right?

"HEY!"  Fluttershy heard it first before bumping into.. feathers?  It was too late, she was too focused on the ducks and doing her best to stay focused on not panicking from being in front of
everyone in town as it were.

"Please excuse me." she said with a quick glance back. She was expecting a pony but instead she had found a griffon. Just.. right here in the middle of Ponyville.

"I was walking here!" was all the griffon exclaimed before Fluttershy could finish.  The creature overshadowed Fluttesrhy with large flared wings and an overbearing attitude.  The pegasus
cowered back at the sudden blaring of the griffon's complaints.
"Oh.. um.. I'm.. I'm sorry.." was all she could stammer out under the griffon's outburst. Her guard was already down, all she could do was back away. "I.. I was just trying-"

Mocking tones drowned out Fluttershy's apology, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" the griffon squeaked an while rolling her eyes. "Why don't you just watch where you're going, doofus?"

The ducks scattered to the four winds, along with Fluttershy's confidence.
"But.. b-b-but... I.. I.."


What stood out to me most in that episode.  Pinkie Pie was already on edge and fighting the urge to judge Gilda, even after witnessing her doing things at the expense of others. But it was
too far the moment she went from sapient to feral in a heartbeat, dropped on all fours and roared like a Big McIntosh sized lion at Fluttershy.

Thinking of offering a banner to EQD for all the featuring.  Would that be cool?
s1e4 by Noben
 This part was easily the most memorable thing about that episode for me.

Not my best, but since I had something down already I just did what I could for it.  I still don't like it, but it's something that got drawn.

The episode itself didn't stand out much, in my opinion.  I think the only other memorable part is how much of a speaking part Big McIntosh (that's how it's spelled, right? I don't really know.) had at the beginning.
Wow, when it comes to journals I did go kinda quiet everywhere, didn't I.

Sorry about that.  I just haven't felt like saying much, lately.  I've been more active on my FurAffinity gallery, as well as my webcomic forums.
To summarize: Living day to day dealing with some hefty emotional stuff and trying not to be a recluse.  Not gonna go back over it.  So far, my friends have been awesome. My fans have been amazing. Thank you for your view, fave, comment and patience.
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