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July 16, 2013
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Time Well Spent by Noben Time Well Spent by Noben
Birthday present for thekitfox on Furaffinity. <3
To everyone: Please stop with the bong and drug references, that's not what this picture is about or has in it at all. Please research "hookah" before you make stupid comments.


Nestled underneath the bowling alley in Ponyville, lies a little shop called Arcadia's Arcade. It is owned by the Equestrian Video Game Championship Winner Arcadia Anne Fevõre, also known as Arcade Fever.

As a teenager Arcadia was a founding member of and participant in the first ever video game tournament that was to be held in her hometown of Ponyville. She won the competition hooves down against the local gaming champ Short Fuse and gained some small amount of notoriety in the blossoming gaming circuit. After a few long years of touring cities and gaming conventions, Arcadia longed to settle down. So she bought a small building in a strip-mall connected to the bowling alley and there is where she set up her dream, her arcade.

Shortly before the arcade's grand opening, Short Fuse found the place and raided the high scores because she had a bad day and wanted somepony else to have one too. She had gotten all but one of the high scores set in the Challenge Corner of the arcade, Arcadia saw this as a slap to the face and issued a challenge to the pegusass (one part mule, one part pegasus, all sass.). The battle was intense, but in the end, they emerged newly forged friends.

Here, in the aftermath of a Pinkie fueled grand opening party we find them tucked away into Arcadia's back office, the two friends enjoying some simple magic.


I got a lot of weird assumptions about the hookah stuff over the course of streaming this pic, so I'd like to go ahead and answer a couple of the questions I get about hookah.

Smoking hookah is like a cigar, the taste of the smoke is the focus, not inhaling smoke.

The stuff they're smoking is flavored tobacco, referred to as shisha. It's surprisingly good. (take this from someone that only started smoking hookah in 2012) The smell isn't of anything you'd expect from the idea of smoking anything. The only lingering smell of the hookah comes from the coals that burn on top. Which is just charcoal, basically.

Shisha is not pot. You don't get high off of smoking hookah. Let me repeat this for the people out there that don't seem to understand this: A HOOKAH IS NOT FOR DRUGS. In fact, smoking such things in a hookah can ruin it, as well as the taste for future smoking. The smell and taste can invade the hoses, the vase and everything and it won't wash out.

The smoke is cold, because it's cooled by water. Sometimes in the hose you got a spot to put a frozen plastic thing there that makes it even colder.

The reason I do it is because I like the flavors. For me it's a snack of some sort, but when you have other people around it becomes a social thing. And I had folks tell me that the only way to “get it” would be to sit around and participate. It's not for everyone.


Lots of hours in Paint Tool SAI.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
Arcade Fever belongs to Gabby <3
Short Fuse is ... ahem.. my own original character thing.. Yeah. I made one. I guess.. okay... Look, I'm a furry first but I guess at this point I'll admit to have gone into the realm of brony.. She's pretty much modeled completely after me, only cute. (she's even transgender, that's why the hoofy fluff) =-p
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First off, let me state that this a first for me. I have never given a critique with all ★★★★★ ratings. Here is why this piece earned it:

Vision: I would call the 'vision' the overall flash of genius, the spark of a piece. It is one of those things that is greater than the sum of its parts, if done correctly. All the little things blend and morph into a picture that conveys a message: "This is a special place." The child-like simplicity of Equestria manages to remain a stanchion, an anchor, that the artist has added more grown up nuances to, rather than replaced with.

Originality: An entire backstory was created for the piece, and both of the characters in our main focus are unique, yet they have rich, believable histories.

Technique: What initially draws me to anything by noben is the quality of her work. This is no different. The shading, the level of detail (properly diluted as you move from the center of the piece, keeping the focus on what is important) and the color pallet are wonderfully tasteful. I hesitate to call anything in art perfect, as perfection is subjective, but this is pretty much there.

Impact: Do you get that I'm head-over-heels about this piece? I would only write a critique in two circumstances: The painting is mind-blowingly beautiful or horrific. This is quite certainly the former!

Thank you for this art, Noben. It is truly beautiful.
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really good representation. I really like this one. Keep doing more of these two please. (And, I dont know how, I instantly thought of a hookah when I saw it, not lying)
Cosmic-Brownie Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now that I've been educated about hookahs... very interesting, actually o3o I honestly didn't know they aren't meant for smoking marijuana. Well, the more you know 8D

(lovely pic too, btw. The colors are very nice.)
flyboy-6cm Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just adore this picture. Not much art gets to me anymore, but this one did. I just keep staring at it and finding more and more detail.
MisterKaos Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This speaks to me on some many levels......also.....
:iconderpyhappyplz::iconsaysplz:Yay!  Bubbles!:iconsaysendplz:
the one on the left has amazing eyes. I wish my OC's eyes were like that.
This is awesome! Nice! ^^
that's cute ^^
oh my glob YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!! Hoohka is one of my favorite past times ever, and this picture is just so beautiful!the colors, composition, perspective, content, characters, friggin pacman, I cannot give it higher praise!! Excellent work!
I'm not a smoker at all; but I do like hookah when friends bring theirs over. The flavors are awesome. :3
AKI-TENSHI Jul 19, 2013  Student General Artist
I love the vibe of this image , before I read the description am like that what me and my friend use too do, chill and talk about games and art.
Also I love the Pac-man and classic Joystick reference in the image
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